Yea sure everyone loves the Nintendo DS. Sadly it very well may have best quality games of this generation but there are some games that seem to be no-brainers that have not ended up on the platform yet.

The list was made to try to keep only one title of each genre and/or developer. This is to avoid putting every Square-Soft RPG or Treasure shooter on the list.

10: Rad Racer DS

Rad Racer

One of the major lacks on the DS is a solid racing title. There has been a couple titles that have tried but when Mario Kart is still the best racing title on the system you have some problems. Why Rad Racer? Well for most that grew up on the NES it is still the benchmark on which racing titles are measured by. It is easy to pick up and play, the controls are spot on and the most important part it is really fun. Square tried to break back into the driving title game with Racing Lagoon and Driving Emotion Type-S respectively where in they tried to mix some light RPG mechanics into the game. The idea was mostly sound just the gameplay itself just wasn’t any fun. I think a jump back into the Rad Racer world with a focus on fun and easy, quick controls would be a winner on the DS.

9: Wing Commander

Wing Commander

Wing Commander, one of the hallowed names of early PC gaming. Now virtually unknown to most gamers today which is a shame. Wing Commander on paper seems to be a sure fire hit for whomever would pick it back up from the rubbish and dust it off. Why would it be a good fit on the DS? One simple reason: the touch screen. For those whom didn’t play Chris Robert’s spiritual successor Freelancer (and if you haven’t do so now you are missing out) figured the best controls for a space fighter game ever. You could easily take a modified version of that and make a Wing Commander DS game that is a blast to play. Give some online massive multiplayer dogfights and smuggling and you got a recipe for a huge hit. Come on EA, I know you are full of Madden profits but throw us a bone here.

8: SCUMM Engine Games


This is really a “why has this not happened yet?” sorta thing. For those who do not know what a SCUMM game is let me explain. SCUMM stands for “Script Creation Utility for Maniac Mansion” which was a a scripting language/game engine that was used by LucasArts for most of their Adventure games from the 1990s. For those whom are not old enough to remember when LucasArts was not synonymous with awful, awful Star Wars and Indiana Jones games they once were perhaps the best developer of PC games in the world. The crown jewel for them were the truely amazing Point and Click Adventure games such as Day of the Tentacle,  Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, The Secret of Monkey Island, Full Throttle and my personal favorite Sam & Max Hit the Road. Sadly the day of the Adventure game died and along with it most of the quality from LucasArts. A few years ago although a few smart fellows decided to make a updated engine to run all of the old SCUMM games on modern and different hardware in which they called ScummVM, which there is a Nintendo DS port. When LucasArts was asked about releasing the old SCUMM games to the DS they responded that the DS couldn’t handle them. I feel the real reason is they just don’t like money.

7: Baldur’s Gate

Baldur's Gate

I know your saying right now, “But the DS isn’t hurting for RPGs!” and you would be correct. But friends this is a real man’s RPG, the type that isn’t made anymore. For those whom have never had the pleasure of playing any of the Baldur’s Gate games they are a isometric PC RPG based on the Dungeon and Dragons “Forgotten Realms” setting. I could have very well put Diablo in place of this because on paper they are very similar. Both are 3rd person isometric, hack and slash RPGs, but the differences lay in that while Diablo is almost pure nonstop action Baldur’s Gate is much, much more than that. Much like Fallout you have a entire world to explore and many different ways and options to go about your journey. The only thing I dread is trying to read all the text on the DS’s screen.

6: Phantasy Star Collection DS

Phantasy Star Collection

This one I really don’t understand at all. Really Sega is it that hard to put all four Phantasy Star games on a DS cart and sell it to me? I mean I know you are trying to destroy what little good will and value that is left in your franchises and lose all the money you have but come on… Seriously someone needs to be smacked in the head and HARD on this one. If Square is remaking the same Final Fantasy games over and over and people are buying them FOR MORE THAN THE PRICE OF NORMAL DS GAMES I am pretty sure Sega could do the same with these. Heck while you’re at it do that same for the Shining Force and Panzer Dragoon games. No one will buy those either, I promise.

5: Donkey Kong DS

Now I know you are saying, “But there is already a Mario Vs. Donkey Kong game for the DS!” And, you are right there is… in name only. What I am talking about is a real sequel to the Game Boy’s Donkey Kong 94 and the Game Boy Advance’s Mario Vs. Donkey Kong. As the video above shows it is almost a puzzle game as you lead Mario through levels to collect a key to advance to the next level using gameplay mechanics reminiscent of the original Donkey Kong arcade game. If you haven’t played either you are missing out as they are regarded as one of the best games on either system. Originally MvDK2 was supposed to be a upgrade of the GBA version with the ability to create your own levels. But for whatever reason Nintendo released the weird Lemmings type of game that we got. I still want my old game back and I am sure you would too.

4: Starcraft DS


Now this one really throws me for a loop. Pretty much every Blizzard game could be put on the DS and it would sell like gangbusters. Diablo, The Lost Vikings, Warcraft… but, Starcraft is the one we really want. Being able to play on the go with online play with voice chat… On second thought maybe this isn’t such a good idea as most of the world economy would collapse or at least Korea’s.

3: Punch-Out!! DS

Punch Out

Now this one doesn’t puzzle me. It took Nintendo almost 15 years to come out with another Punch-Out title. But I feel like the DS is the system made for a Punch-Out game. For those whom have not played the original arcade version, it has two screens much like a certain hand held. Take the arcade’s concept with some training minigames and online play and we got a winner here.

2: Super Smash Bros DS

Smash Bros

Perhaps the biggest oversight on Nintendo’s part EVER!  The DS is much more powerful than the Nintendo 64 ever was and has a smaller resolution to output to. Also there was that vastly upgraded version of Mario 64 when the system was released. Come on Nintendo you can’t tell me that the DS couldn’t do a proper Smash Bros game. I know there is the similar in feel 2D, Jump Super\Ultimate Stars but they are Japan only and not really the same. Come on and give us some portable Smash!

1: A New 2D Metroid

Metroid DS

I know a lot of people out there love the Metroid Prime series. They are fine games, but they just don’t feel like Metroid to me. After the two fantastic GBA Metroid adventures we have been teased with a fabled “Metroid Dread” for years now. Can we just have it already? Please? Pretty please? You can make all the Team Ninja 3D games you want on the Wii just give us a new 2D adventure with spin jumps and Ridley on the DS.

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2 Responses

  1. Ray Says:

    I would have to agree on most accounts there. Where are the blizzard games? Hell, even playing the single player warcraft would be a blast.

    For Baulder’s Gate, you could have all the ‘text’ appear in the upper screen. The lower screen would be for the graphics of the game.

  2. Djarum Says:

    That is a really good idea. I am not sure why I didn’t think of that.

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