To those living in the USA and reading this: yes, you are reading the
title correctly.

Much of this post is from a usenet posting, but I couldn’t write it better myself.

The United States Congress, along with the FDA and support from
tobacco company Phillip Morris (in a bid to ease competition) has
drafted a bill that proposes to BAN all flavored tobacco…including
the much beloved clove cigarette. This will also ban all flavored
tobacco that one uses in hookas. In fact, it may wipe out a good
portion of hooka lounges.

This is a bill that has been in the works for at least a year now and
today is the first time I heard of it.

Here are some links to educate yourself:

The bill is entitled the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control

Please call your congressman and senators (each state has two
senators) to urge them to oppose this bill.

To find your congressional representative, visit
and enter your zip code in the upper left hand side of the page. To
find your senator, visit and find them via
the search function on the upper right hand side of the page.


As a commenter has stated the bill has been signed and will be become law in September.

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Posted by Djarum, filed under News. Date: June 14, 2009, 4:47 pm | 27 Comments »

27 Responses

  1. SilversleevesX Says:

    A law that can be passed can (if not as easily) be repealed. I believe an effort should be started in this direction now, as the so-called “Black JFK” has signed this idiotic bill into law.

    Former Democrat
    “Recovering” Christian (atheist with a small “a”)
    Small-r republican living in a corporate, internationalist state that _claims to be a constitutional democracy (USA)

  2. SilversleevesX Says:

    …Oh, and don’t forget, filtered Djarum smoker since 1998 (strictly so since 2000). Favourite flavours in order of preference?

  3. Lisa Talkington Says:

    Just heard about this at my local smoke shop! Been a fan of the brand since my mid-20’s and can’t believe it! Is there any way to get around the ban to get them over the internet or anything like that? The government giving into stepping on our rights again!

  4. Knox Says:

    Hmm.. Does anyone know if purchasing them online would still be an option?

    There must be some way to circumvent this ban.

    It’s entirely bullshit, Dirty politics..

    U.S Tobacco companies are merely wiping out competiton, and in turn wrecking the economy of other countries that they import from.

    Not to mention, how many underage people actually smoke cloves? It’s very uncommon.. in fact, last time I checked.. it was already illegal for minors to smoke in the first goddamn place.

    Just more rights being taken away slowly..

  5. tanstaafl! Says:

    What about Native American outlets? They don’t have to follow Federal laws, do they?

  6. D Says:

    Unfortunately, S.982 was passed on May 20th and will go into effect starting in September. I have been searching fruitlessly for an outlet to repeal this ridiculous law, which has only been put in place to eliminate competition. Please post any links related to repeal of this law ASAP. Until then however, Djarum is offering clove cigars that somehow get around the ban.

  7. David De La Rosa Says:

    I started smoking Marlboro Reds at about 12 years old (since that’s what my parents and everyone else smoked)and hopped from them to Camel Wides. I quit for 3 or so years and couldn’t even stand the smell of cigarette until i was 19 and was at aa venue in SF and I tried cloves. This was in 99 I paid $6 for a 10 pack in SF at this club and they were Djarum Specials. Now I pay $8.50 a single pack or $68 a carton. Kids start smoking reds almost always. Candy cigarettes are for sissys. Kids smoke camels or reds or lately since the arise of the modern hip-hop culture kids start smoking menthols, girls smoke lights. Parents and family do it it’s the cool thing to do. If you even smoke any type of cigarette around here in Cali people look at you like you are a leper and have herpes on your face. Can’t smoke in yourcar or downtown in Hayward, ca cant smoke in your home in Dublin, Ca. Am I in a communist country or under a dictatorship? I will do as I please because I was born free so I assumed. Most people (kids) hate cloves and always say stupid things to me when i smoke one. ( which I will import illegally no matter what) I have only ever seen older people smoke cloves. College kids, Coffee Shop Dorks, Goths, Berkeley Hippies and the occasional eccentric. Who the hell would buy a pack of cigarettes for $9 ? I have to hold a good job to afford the luxury of these damn thing that cost me $210 a month and like $2500 a year. Surely kids will smoke these. Even weed is cheaper! This will disrupt another nations entire economy and bring discomfort to people’s lifestyle and culture. This whole thing is disgusting and I’ll still get my fix so what does it matter. I will probably find them cheaper on the internet.

  8. Carolyn FB Says:

    Guess what! Djarum has already been working on a product that will be similar to their clove cigarettes with are petite cigars. They also have the option to market their menthol cigarettes that also do not fall under the new law.

    Anyway, research shows that kids under the age of 18 do not even buy clove cigarettes. They start with those nasty cigarettes that contain menthol. Just as equally, the buy cigarettes with no flavoring. In addition, you can’t even purchase clove cigarettes in normal or usual outlets. Most clove cigarettes are sold at specialty stores. Few Indian gas stations carry clove cigarettes, but you wouldn’t even know because they aren’t displayed or they are displayed, but you can’t see them from standing in front of the cashier counter.

    I am from a multi-cultural background, with a Latin and African-American ethnicity. I am also a supporter of Pres. Obama. Believe me, I was disappointed with the new law he signed, but I do understand why he signed it. Can you imagine, as a smoker, how much more of a backlash he would get if he didn’t sign it. There are way more non-smokers than smokers. Since Pres. Obama is a smoker, the coverage would be atrocious.

    In addition, this law has little to do with underage smoking, but everything to do with Philip Morris’ need to drown out international and even national competition. Bottom line: Money and Greed. Clove smokers won’t convert to buy their menthol or non-menthol products. I started out with Capri lights and switched to clove cigarettes this Spring. Now, I tried to smoke Capri’s and I even tried the Marlboro Smooths (menthol), and I almost hacked up my internal organs! They were so gross, I couldn’t even stand to take 3 puffs of it.

    I know non-smokers don’t like it because it’s either unattractive or worried about health risks, but to them I say, so does every other habit we do is a risk. Drinking, sex, extreme sports, diet, and over-the-counter drugs have health risks as well. But no one is writing up a bill to regulate sex because teens are getting AIDS or producing babies in an unfavorable financial circumstance or the lack of responsible parenting ability. Just a thought.

  9. kate Says:

    It’s no doubt, the big tabacco companies get kids to smoke in the first place. Why not put the blame on them, rather than restricting adults who have an advanced palate for smoking flavorful cigs? (Frankly, I don’t ever remember seeing an ad for flavored cigarettes- besides menthols) I am outraged over the bogus reasons behind the ban of flavored cigarettes, and IT IS A VIOLATION OF OUR CIVIL/ADULT RIGHTS TO FREEDOM OF CHOICE AND THE PERSUIT OF HAPPINESS!
    First of all, luxury flavored cigarettes are sold only in specialty tabacco shops($$), where the employees ASK FOR ID! Secondly, I believe KIDS buy and get hooked on cigarettes due to all the convenience shops that don’t ID (and teenegers know which stores “don’t card,” or, no offense, look for a clerk who is a foreigner.) When I was 17, I started smoking the cheapest name brand of cigarettes I could get a hold of- Camel or Marlborough. (I bet these companies get huge payoffs for being able to monopolize the market.) Then, menthols became trendy, so I would smoke them. (If menthol isn’t a flavor, then I don’t consider vanilla to be a flavor either!!) Oh wait, OBAMA SMOKES MENTHOLS; nor would he want to cause a riot, because so many of the people that voted for him, smoke menthols, too.
    Now they’re telling me, “don’t worry, they’ll just change your brand to a flavored cigar because there’s very little cigar regulation.” This is unsettling because I do not want to smoke a cigar (that lasts 3-5x as long- even more bothersome to non-smokers!) Now, I enjoy an occasional Sweet Dream cigarette only when I drink, as is my right as a consumer, over the age of eighteen. (Here’s an idea- if you want to spare children from smoking, maybe you should raise the age restriction limits?)
    As an adult consumer, I have the right to be able to choose which brand I smoke. Doesn’t it make you weary that Big Tobacco is supporting the ban? It doesn’t take a whole lot of smarts to figure out they have alterior motives. It’s not right for any congressmen to say “WE ARE DOING IT FOR THE CHILDREN!” WHAT A CROCK!! It’s inevitable that children who want to smoke will, But I will not smoke if that means giving Philip Morris any profits. I blame them for even getting me started. Now, I don’t think I fall into the majority here, but could you imagine what would happen if they banned menthols?!? . I could argue the ridiculousness of this ban till I’m blue in the face, but I think I’ll go puff one last smoke, before I can no longer buy what I want, instead. This “ban” is morally wrong! I wish more people would stand up to fight BIG GOVERNMENT’S ATTEMPT TO REGULATE OUR CIVIL LIBERTIES. It’s claims are unfounded, discriminatory, and a premeditated attempt at exclusion of smaller domestic and international coorperations in exchange for the almighty dollar!! More taxpayers money uselessly wasted. . .I wish I were a lawyer so that I could sue somebody!

  10. Mike Says:

    For every law they pass there are 10 loopholes. Exploit them like the bigwigs do.

  11. Jennifer Says:

    The biggest irony of all: Kids were starting to think smoking was uncool. However, now that it will be more difficult for minors to obtain cigarettes, smoking will regain popularity as the “rebel status symbol” for a new generation. Brilliant.

  12. Matt Says:

    WHAT THE FUCK SERIOUSLY? I smoke bali hais regularly! I thought this was a goddamn rumor. This is just too much. How the fuck would we even win a bill like this? Clove smokers are such a small percentage of smokers. This is totally fucked. FUCKED! I’m so pissed off!

  13. Cheryl Says:

    I am appalled at another personal right being taken away because the government thinks that they can control people by banning something. Shouldn’t people be responsible for their own actions. If an under age person buys a tobacco product isn’t it the responsibility of the parent to handle this situation. The only responsibility the government and tobacco companies have is to make people aware of the health risk involved with smoking. After that it is our own personal responsibility to decide whether or not we decide to smoke.
    This is strictly another ploy to dictate how we decide to handle our personal lives. Another invasive act.

  14. d Says:

    i just found out today and i have never been so livid!!! i say if you want to quit smoking, quit on your own terms not the governments!

    i havent been smoking too long, but im too stressed out with life to stop at this specific moment, its about the only thing that keeps me sane. does anyone know where i can find djarum specials online??? i can find other brands, but not that one, the one i smoke. what the hell??? (does anyone know what other brand tastes somewhat like djarum special, in case i have to try to switch to something i can find online????)

  15. m Says:

    I’m just wondering… when you buy them online from indonesia, do they go through customs? Will it even be possible to get them shipped over here?

  16. johnny strange Says:

    im all for kids not smoking but this is not the way to do it its silly besides don’t we have bigger things to worrie about? i mean when i walk around my town i see kids in gangs and kids sitting next to their family while the father holds up a sign that says “need help” . every week i hear of another teacher touching a child and i talk to my friends younger siblings (who dont smoke at all)and they tell me of one of their friends commiting suicide or getting beat by their parrents these are the problems not flavored tabacco ive been smoking them occasionally for the past few years and im not gunna give them up now

  17. Susie Says:


  18. Susie Says:


  19. amy Says:

    This is totally BS…. I have only one thing in life and I don’t even smoke all that much, literally 1 to 2 packs a week. Not a pack a day like regular brand smokers. This is all due to the new president people. He is the one that targeted us. I say contact your reps and but an end to this BS.

  20. O Says:

    On the topic of the ban, it is very discriminatory and I hope it is revoked soon. It’s shaping up to be another prohibition, just different flavor. I know when I started smoking at 13 I chose what my friends were smoking, as what always happens. Teens almost always without fail start smoking Marlboro Reds, everyone I have known did.
    I do not advocate the revocation of freedoms and the prevention of pursuing what makes you happy and neither should our government.
    Can you imagine what the forefathers of our nation would think, of what’s happening to the country? It’s ridiculous. Nearly as ridiculous as the UK town, where it is illegal to take your child to the playground, without first having a background check. World is going wonky, who is going to protect us from those who think they know what is best for us.

    Off the topic of the ban:
    Uhm..really, Susie? Come on, what the heck do rednecks have to do with the ban on flavored cigarettes? That was just really poor of you to toss in there.

  21. Splash Down Says:

    I have been smoking whatever brand I could get my hands on since I was 12 but in my first year of college in 1994, I was intro’d to Djarum Splash and have smoked them exclusively ever since. (On the rare occasion Splashes weren’t available, I reverted to my next choices of Bali Hai & Black). Hell, when I started smoking cloves, I could still get the Djarum Internationals that came unfiltred, 10 to a pack in the metal tin. There was also one in a soft red pack of 10 unfiltered by Jakarta that were mini versions of the Internationals. Nonetheless, for whatever reason, those 2 were apparently not in high demand and/or discontinued, but I’ve always been able to find my Splash even if I had to take a mini road trip to get them. In 1994 a pack was $4.01 WITH tax and I’ve stayed faithful even through the price hikes into the $7+ range.

    Somehow, though, despite my loyalty, I seemed to have missed this stupid bill banning my favs when I went to two different shops in town on Sept 24 for a birthday present for myself which was the next day. Imagine my astonishment when I got the news! One place had already removed everything off the shelves, but the other store, THANKFULLY, was trying to sell their existing inventory and I bought every pack they had because they were on sale at $5 each. No Splashes, but I walked out with Bali Hais, Blacks, Supers and even “Supersmooth” which I hadn’t ever tried. Not my favorite, but they’re better than nothing! Now…I’m on the search for a reputable online source that will ship to the U.S. Apparently Splash & Bali Hais were manufactured in the U.S., so, to the best of my research thus far, they will not be available at all any more, but they are being replaced by the “Little Cigar” version in both Splash & Bali Hai, but we don’t have them in shops just yet. So, I’m thinking I’ll have to get the Blacks and keep up the search and perhaps try the little cigars when they come to town. If anyone has any reputable resources, please, please, please let me know.

    I agree with several of your comments, too — 1) yes, I think the target audience that this stuipd bill is supposed to protect will now absolutely rebel and there will be an increase in teen/young adult smoking. Anyone with kids ought to know that the one thing you don’t tell a teenager is “you can’t” because that will surely incite them to do just the opposite.
    2) I really don’t get the comments about rednecks either…what’s that got to do with cloves???
    3) Do you think any of the politicians, historians and any others involved in the development and approval of this bill review the historical implementation and subsequent impact of banning alcohol during Prohibition? That was a monumental success that it would only make perfect sense to repeat that strategy in the 21st century for flavored smokes. Right….idiots.

    Good luck to all the rest of you loyal clove & any other flavored smokers!!! I’d appreciate any resources or info about importing them or restrictions thereof.

  22. MissDjarumSpecial Says:

    My husband and I have been loyal Djarum Special smokers for years.

    In the few weeks leading up to the ban, the friendly clerk at the store I bought them from tried to warn me that I wasn’t going to be able to get the Djarums soon. I thought he meant his store wasn’t going to carry them any longer.

    When I suddenly could not buy any…well, I felt the same as each of the others on this post. I was beyond livid.

    Fortunately, a friend who travels out of town found a carton in Chicago and we had a small supply to hang on to until the cigar version came out. It wasn’t exactly the same, but not too bad and I adjusted quickly. As someone else wrote – it was better than nothing.

    Most of the local Circle K’s were carrying them and we could buy a carton of 10 packs of the cigars for just under $50…

    Until tonight. I just went to buy a carton and the price DOUBLED. Literally. A carton is now $100. WTH??? They were $9.59 a pack!!!

    I am fairly well educated. I pay attention to politics. I vote, pay taxes, follow the law. Regardless, my 401K tanked, my salary was frozen, my bonus was cut, my pension contribution was cut, my medical insurance went up, and my credit card interest rates have been raised. I know I should count my blessings that I have a job at all, but the only thing getting me through the job was a wonderful clove every now and then. And they took that, too.

    Can’t wait to see how the government “helps” me next!

  23. MissDjarumSpecial Says:

    Ooops – forgot to mention:

    To those who have had trouble finding the Djarum cigars, one thing that worked for me was to talk to the owner of a local smoke shop. He had not understood that their was a cigar version available and when I explained it to him, he agreed to order some to see if they would sell. That started last week and the price was $65/carton. At first I thought this was too high considering Circle K had been selling them for around $50 but as Circle K just upped the price, the smoke shop is now the better deal.

    You might give this a shot if you’ve had trouble finding the cigars. The owner of the smoke shop called up his supplier while I was standing there so he could see what flavors were available. Just smile very sweetly and say please. 😉

  24. CloveLover Says:

    I have found myself nodding my head and pounding my fists as I’ve read through your comments. I used to smoke menthols but quit years ago, after which I began smoking Djarum Specials, then Blacks. LOVE them and am so angered that my government has intruded into my life and eliminated them. I came across this website at while doing some research about S. 982. I’m not a lawyer nor did I read the Act in its entirety but do know that it has addressed the contents of not only cigarettes but also “little cigars” and internet trade. It doesn’t appear that “loose pipe tobacco” is covered. I was aware of the pending cut off date and purchased 6 cartons of Blacks. I’m now on my last pack and have just purchased the Black Little Cigars. They’re OK but not the same and, after reading the law, I understand why. The use of any fruit, clove, herb, or spice is prohibited in cigarettes or little cigars, plus little cigars must be wrapped in a leaf or a “leaf-containing substance”. According to Djarum’s website, their recipe contains all of these now-prohibited flavorings. While I would say that the little cigars taste SIMILAR to Blacks, they smell and taste like a light cigar which I don’t like. But, for now, they’re my only consideration; however, I do plan to experiment with some loose tobacco and flavorings if I can find some loose tobacco that’s smooth enough. I didn’t inhale when I smoked the cigarette version and am not inhaling the little cigars but I’m not able to finish one without feeling nauseated, which is why I never cared for cigars.

    As for the political implications of this law, I’m neither a Conspiracy Theorist nor a Survivalist but the passage of this legislation not only infuriates me on a personal level, it concerns me deeply on a broader scale. If Congress and the President can exercise this much control over personal decisions without apparent hesitation, what does that imply for, say, health care reform? S. 982 also cited that illegal tobacco trade supported mafia and terrorist activities. Did they think making flavored cigarettes illegal would DECREASE this? I also wonder if the ATF has been completely absorbed by the FDA. If so, does that mean the FDA is now in charge of preventing illegal tobacco trade??

    Menthol has not been included in the ban YET but I suspect it will, as well as all tobacco products as we know them. This was a kind of a test run dealing with a minority: a small population of a slightly larger minority of scapegoat smokers. Interestingly, there is actually evidence supporting the health benefits of every additive Djarum used to produce their kreteks and I even hypothesize that smoking isn’t as bad for you as it’s suggested. Given that most supporting scientific evidence wasn’t derived from balanced studies that looked for possible health benefits in addition to harmful effects, the results are likely skewed.

    Personally, I have no objections to restrictions on public smoking, as I don’t care to subject others to something they find undesirable; however, I do resent broad legislation on smoking inside establishments but rather think it should be up to the owner of each to decide whether smoking will or won’t be allowed, just as it’s up to the individual to decide to patronize a particular place based on its qualities. But that’s just what is happening, rather quietly and swiftly, around the country and individuals are being shamed into submission and silence by the majority who has decided that smoking is a stupid thing to do. I think base jumping is pretty stupid because the potential of injury but completely respect someone’s right to base jump if they choose to do so because it doesn’t affect me (an UNINSURED base jumper might but that’s a different story altogether). When I hear that municipal bans on smoking have extended into private dwellings and vehicles, it really ticks me off.

    I think individuals of legal age to purchase flavored cigarettes probably do have a legal case this but it would take a class action suit. What individual has the time or the financial resources to pursue it? It would seem that the ACLU would be a good resource and I do find that two letters have been written to Congress by the ACLU, both dealing with the “infringement on the right to free speech” by the tobacco industry in regards to the advertising restrictions in the bill. (I wasn’t aware that corporations had civil rights….) Maybe Smokers Rights or Advocacy Groups are a good avenue to check out but I’m not hopeful. So, I’m afraid the reality is that my government has just directly affected my life more than ever before by eliminating something that I enjoy. I’m simmering.

  25. susanjxp Says:

    This is such complete utter bullshit. Government wipes out tobacco competition. India starts a war with Pakistan, just out of frustration. Guess who’s smoking cigars these days? The YOUNGER Set. Why? Because the make marijuana cigars called “Blunts”. They are the ones smoking cigars! So now, they can have all the clove and flavored “Blunts” they want. What a Fuc–ng joke. What happened to the ID law? If they are children, they shouldn’t be allowed to purchase ANY TOBACCO OR ALCOHOL products. This is pure tyrranism.

  26. djarumshakes Says:

    it has been so long since I tasted a djarum black. The thought of it makes my mouth water. I am sooooo stressed out from not being able to smokethat i feel like i may have an anyuerism soon. Fuck Obama and fuck anyone who signed that bill. Its illegal for a doctor to take you off a prescription your addicted to, even if you abuse it!!! HOW IS THIS ANY DIFFERENT!!!! I’ll probly have my door kicked in for saying this, but if I ever see Obama in real life. Im kicking that asshole shraight in the area where his nuts would be, if he ever had any. He is a fucking smoker, how can he turn his back on his fellow americans like this. WORST PRESIDENT EVER!!!! I will never vote for a black president ever again, EVER!!! And yes, it will only be because I dont trust black people anymore. At least ones in such a high political position that they can be elected president. fucking asshole!!

  27. Larry Stallard Says:

    “. . . a cigarette or any of its component parts (including the tobacco, filter, or paper) shall not contain, as a constituent (including a smoke constituent) or additive, an artificial or natural flavor (other than tobacco or menthol) or an herb or spice, including strawberry, grape, orange, clove, cinnamon, pineapple, vanilla, coconut, licorice, cocoa, chocolate, cherry, or coffee, that is a characterizing flavor of the tobacco product or tobacco smoke.”

    Hmmm….licorice is on the list but not excluded like menthol……….?
    Let’s see what Philip Morris puts in their cigaretts other than tobacco and menthol.
    Wow! Look!!! They’re STILL breaking the new FDA law.

    Licorice extract (CAS # 68916-91-6) is currently used worldwide at levels below 14,000 ppm in selected cigarette brands manufactured and/or distributed by Philip Morris International. Licorice is applied to cigarette tobacco both as a flavor and casing material. It enhances and harmonizes the flavor characteristics of smoke, improves moisture holding characteristics of tobacco, thus increasing stability and shelf life, and acts as a surface active agent during the spraying process of casing ingredients, thus improving the rate of absorption of flavors uniformly and evenly into tobacco. Applied as such, licorice may be subject to pyrolysis-type reactions during the smoking process. This document summarises our internal studies and current published toxicology information on licorice extract abstracted from online toxicity databases. [14]

    Maybe the “hush, hush” of the FDA is because of the buy off from Philip Morris. Classic federal communist corruption.

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