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Nintendo Fail

8 bit pirate

Every so often I see something happen that is such the opposite of what the company wanted it just is funny. Most of the time this comes in the copy protection/DRM world. Today’s example is Nintendo. As most people know the Flash Cart devices for the Nintendo DS are very popular around the world as they let you play games, homebrew and media from a single cart. Nintendo hates them as they allow folks to pirate software and more importantly run unapproved code on their system. For the last year or so Nintendo and several other software development houses (most notably Square-Enix) have been putting new copy protections on to some of their games. Most of the time it is a minor inconvenience for those whom wish to play the game as the protection is defeated within a day or so.

When Mario and Luigi 3 was released this week Nintendo put a new protection on to the game which has not been defeated for many of the Flash Carts available. Now one would think “Well I am sure that makes Nintendo very pleased to hear, since more people will go buy the game.” I am sure Nintendo thinks this as well, the problem is that it is not happening. What I have seen evidence for is that a overwhelming amount of people are using it as a excuse to upgrade their carts to newer and better supported versions. As the cart that was first working with the game is found for between $8-$12 USD online, one would be stupid to not get the newer cart instead of spending 3-4 times that on the single retail game and Nintendo is back at square one again.

My advice for Nintendo is this, with the new DSi having the ability to use a SD card in the system make the ability to copy games to the card and also open up the system to some homebrew legitimately.You need to take away the main legitimate reasons for those to own and use a Flash Cart and give a incentive for those to use the your alternatives, otherwise you are going to see more folks plucking down those couple of bucks for a Flash Cart and less buying your software.

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