At Night We Live

This maybe one of the most difficult records that I have ever had to give my professional opinion on. Far is much more than just a band to me, as it is for a lot of people. Those records got me through a lot of difficult times in my life as they did many others. In the years since Far ceased to be a unit I have formed relationships with the members of the band, listened to the records good and bad and been to the shows, good or bad. Never once did I ever think I would ever get to hear them play together again, let alone a new record.

Over a decade later I get the record I never thought I would get. You are wondering what it is like. It reminds me a lot of Tin Cans frankly. Jonah has plenty of sing along choruses which reminds me a bit of the New End Original material, “If You Cared Enough” is a major example of this. Thankfully there is some songs that sound absolutely like that came out of 199x, “Deafening”, “When I Could See” and perhaps my favorite song from the album “Better Surrender”. Plenty of sing/scream from Jonah which has been sorely lacking in any of his work in the last decade along with the unique guitar work from Shaun.

My only real complaint is that Shaun Lopez perhaps overproduced the album. There is overdubs galore that kind of overshadows Jonah’s voice, along with some things just sounding to “clean” where it should be “dirty”. “Dear Enemy” which is a fantastic song loses some of it’s glow from the heaps of digital tricks put over it.

Don’t let the production quips get you down, this is still a fantastic record that has a rightful place right next to the other Far records. Go buy it when it comes out on May 25th, preferably from a independent record store or from

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