The sudden and unexpected demise of the White Stripes came as a shock to many people. The rumor mill was that they were to make a new record and do some shows this summer. While we do not know what caused the split, we can start to see some of the fallout from it.

Today we saw the release of the Bonnaroo Lineup and with the leak of the Lollapalooza headliners last week. The reaction to the headliners have been mixed to say the least. What is very interesting about them both is that they both seem to lack a big name at the top of the bill, a anchor. Could have the White Stripes been signed on to be at one or both and then backed out at the last minute? After the sudden cancellation of last White Stripes tour and several year hiatus it would have been a huge booking. But sadly we may never know the truth as the White Stripes camp is notoriously tight lipped and I doubt C3 and WMA would want to talk about being burned.

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