So I know I haven’t posted in such a long time. I guess I should probably change this. As some of you might already know I am a massive toy collector, especially Marvel Legends which I have been collecting since it’s introduction. As some of you may remember after Hasbro took over the line from Toy Biz I expressed my dismay with how they handled the line.

Well now a decade after acquiring the license Hasbro has hit their stride and not only has lived up to much of the Toy Biz product but in some cases has exceeded it. They have also released many figures that have either been major wants for years for like the recent Brown Suit Wolverine or Darkhawk or figures that no one ever expected to see like Disco era Dazzler or Nico from the Runaways. Hasbro has shown now that nearly anything is on the table. So here in no particular order is my own personal wants in the line.

White Suited Dr. Octopus

This has been my “white whale” for decades now. Doc Ock has always been my favorite Spider-Man villain and when I first started to get into comics this was the look he was sporting. The double breasted white suit was made most famous by Erik Larsen in the Revenge of the Sinister Six storyline. To me at least it changed poor Otto from a bumbling almost cartoonish villain to a more serious and credible threat and very visually striking. The figure of this would be a boon to Hasbro as well since they could use a second suited body, shorter and more stout. Sadly with how Hasbro functions this will likely end up as a Build a Figure which could be a blessing if we could get some fantastic and longer arms out of the deal.

Come on, he even got women during this time!


McFarlane Hulk

So Todd is most famous for his Spider-Man which was captured in plastic in the very first Spider-Man classics wave. What is just as good to me is his unique take on the Grey Hulk. Shorter and much wider than the traditional Hulk looks of the past with a pug nose and large pronounced brow it has always been a fan favorite look of the normally Green Goliath. Toy Biz made a half attempt at this version with the variant Marvel Icons Hulk. The head while trying to echo this look failed and the body did not match at all. This would likely have to be a BAF and I would like to see how they would attempt the character due to the tattered clothing. This would also be a great character for Diamond to try with their Marvel Select line.

The green tongue is such a great touch here.


Patch Wolverine

Since we finally got a proper Brown Suited Wolverine this is next on the list. The Patch alter ego of Wolverine has been another fan favorite look, most notably in various Madripoor stories in Marvel Comics Presents. Patch sitting in Princess Bar drinking is one of my favorite looks of the character. This would likely be a win/win for both collectors and Hasbro due to a suited body being useful for other characters and/or customs and Hasbro not having to worry about a Wolverine having to peg warm after being double packed like Old Man Logan is currently or a more extreme example the GOTG Iron Man which I am still seeing on shelves years later.

You could always add Mr. Fixit Hulk as well.


Safari Jacket Wonderman and Perez-era Avengers Beast

While both are needed you really can’t have one without the other. Like a good buddy cop movie these two just work great together. While we have seen Wonderman twice in his more recent duds, the safari jacket is most fans of the character’s favorite look. As for Beast, most fans today don’t realize that Beast was a Avenger for many, many years as he has been a X-Man for most of the last 3 decades. While I wouldn’t mind having a new, updated Jim Lee era Beast, having a George Perez style Beast. I have wondered if the recent Jackal figure was made in part to create this figure, if not it would be a great starting place.

Come on, how can you not want them together?



It has been nearly 20 years and we have gotten several versions of Magneto yet none of them has hit the mark. The most recent attempt was in a Toys R Us exclusive X-Men wave which was very limited, impossible to find and still looked awful. Give us a proper Magneto with multiple heads to give different looks and do the character justice.

I can almost hear the X-men Arcade game now…


Now this is a figure I can’t figure out how we haven’t gotten another of yet. I would have put money down on having a Kingpin BAF in either one of the Spider-Man waves or the new Netflix wave arriving soon. Somehow Wilson Fisk has not been remade into plastic yet. We have gotten one Kingpin figure in the limited Toy Biz Two Packs at the tail end of their life. While it was a good figure for the time it has aged pretty badly and was never easy to find in the first place. A updated figure to take advantage of the character’s popularity due to the Daredevil Netflix series should be a no brainer. Hopefully we see it this year.

You know I miss characters smoking in comics…


Classic Thor

This is another one of those “How has this not happened?” figures. We have gotten two different classic Thor figures, one way back in Toy Biz’s third wave and the other in their ill received Giant Man Wal-Mart exclusive wave. That wave brings back bad memories for many collectors as it was a wave of many highly requested characters many of which were either poorly done and/or had very bad quality. In addition that the entire wave being near impossible to find left a sour taste in many people’s mouths. The Thor looked great for the time was incredibly fragile. Fast forward many years later, Thor is a huge property with several movies to his name. I was completely expecting this figure in the new Thor wave but it did not happen. One would think that it is just a matter of time but…

Walt Simonson did the best Thor!


So there we go, with SDCC right around the corner I would be utterly amazed if some of these don’t get announced. If they do Marvel and Hasbro can email me my No Prize.

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