Steve Jobs is dead. It still hasn’t quite sunk in yet. I found out at work from a coworker and hoped it was a cruel joke.

Unlike many of the things you may read today about Steve’s passing I am not going to run through a list of accomplishments and talk about how he was a visionary. Instead I am going to talk about he directly effected me.

As most kids growing up in the 1980s, every school I went to was full of Apple IIs. The very first computer I touched was a Apple IIe and it changed my life. The foundations of all my computing skills came from those lowly Apple IIs, I learned to type on one, I learned how to program in BASIC on one. It started a love affair that has turned into a obsession at times.

The first computer I ever owned was a Macintosh Classic, from that I got online for the first time although it was not really what we consider the internet today. I learned HyperCard on that system. Also I started my first hacking adventures on that machine. I probably loved that computer more than any other in my life.

I didn’t own a cellphone until fairly recently, the iPhone really has changed my life in a million different ways. I really do feel lost without it.

Steve Jobs has influenced and changed everyone’s lives in so many ways. The 3D animated movies you watch, having access to a music store anywhere at any time, even that crappy Breakout Clone on your crappy 1952 cellphone is because of him.

We lost a great person today, one that perhaps comes once in a lifetime. I know the plans he had for the future are still in the works and we will continue to feel the effects from him for some time.

I just want to say, Thanks Steve for all you have given me.


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So after seeing the amazing set by the Arcade Fire this weekend at Coachella the main question on my mind was, “HOW THE HELL DID THOSE BALLS WORK?!”

A little bit of information came from someone who got one and ripped it apart for the sake of knowledge. Now today we have more information about them from the folks who did it along with learning that it is a part of a larger project. Very cool if you ask me.

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So I was listening to Geektime on Sirius/XM last week where the hosts never had a compelling reason to jailbreak their iPhone/iPad. A caller tried to explain some but did a awful job. So, here I come to swoop in and do the job right.

First off a disclaimer: jailbreaking while legal does void your warranty with Apple. Know what you are getting into before jailbreaking your device and do your homework before hand. Redmondpie is a great resource for guides and Jailbreak Matrix will tell you if you can jailbreak your device. All Apps are on Cydia which is installed when you jailbreak and is the Jailbreak App Store.

Got all that? Good then here go…

1. BiteSMS

Lets face it, if you text at all on a iPhone you have grown to hate the native Text Messaging App. It is clunky, when you get a text you have to jump into the app to reply which is extremely annoying when you are doing something in another app, you are limited to a few text ringtones. I could go on and on forever. Apple has not done any work on the stock Text app since the release of the original iPhone and it shows. So what is the solution? BiteSMS. It has every feature you wished Apple would put into the native app and a bunch you never thought about but once you have it you never knew how you went without it for so long. If you need one feature to push you over the edge to use it here you go.

Never again will you have to leave a app to reply or compose a text. Heck, you don’t even need to unlock your phone to do it. It is my number one used app on my iPhone and has paid for itself tenfold.

Learn more about it at

2. GV Extensions for iPhone

Do you have a Google Voice account? Would you like to have your Google Voice SMS and Call Features work seamlessly with your iPhone?  Well here is your solution. Since Google introduced the Android your hope for a official solution is pretty much never going to happen. While there is now a official and several 3rd party Google Voice apps none of them are really user friendly, especially compared to using the service on a Android.

Now you are asking, what do they do and why should I want this or be excited? To quote the website “Phone GV Extension and SMS GV Extension are system extensions (NOT standalone apps) that seamlessly integrate Google Voice phone and messaging capabilities (phone: Direct Dial mode and Call Back mode; SMS: Send and Receive) to iPhone.” To dumb it down you can call using Google Voice using the native Phone app and send and receive SMS for free using the native Text Messaging app (or BiteSMS which takes over for the native app).

If you are a Google Voice user (and if you are not you are missing out) this makes your life a ton easier. I won’t go into all of the features of Google Voice but it is things you will most likely use and it is free. Being able to have unlimited texts for free is worth it alone. The only downside to using Google Voice for your text needs is the lack of MMS, but if you don’t need or use it you can save a ton of cash every month by dropping your texting service.

To learn more about the apps go here.

3. 3G Unrestrictor/My3G (Both of these programs do the same thing but each has different ways of doing it.)

You ever want to Facetime or Skype on 3G or need to download a larger app off the App Store while on 3G? Well here is your solution. It allows those things by tricking applications into believing they are on WiFi, even though they are on 3G or EDGE. It might not be a must have all the time but when you need it, it is a life saver. For the record I prefer 3G Unrestrictor but both work just as well.

4. MyWi or TetherMe

Up until a few months ago AT&T did not allow tethering on the iPhone at all and until even more recently there was not a official way to use the iPhone as a wifi hotspot. Well if you have a jailbroken iPhone you would have had these features for years now.

MyWi turns your iPhone into a wireless hotspot so you can use your wifi devices anywhere. It is a stand alone app that does not use the current native solution and works on all iPhones. TetherMe on the other hand enables the native tethering without having to pay your carrier to enable it. So if you have a iPhone 4 you can enable the native wifi hotspot.

I don’t have to tell you if you are a traveler how handy these apps are. I was recently in a hotel that charged 40 dollars a night for internet access. Spending 20 dollars one time is a lot better than swallowing obscene hotel prices.

Also for you wifi iPad owners both of these apps work great with your iPad, in fact MyWi has a addon that automatically connects your iPad to your iPhone when it needs the internet and shuts it back off when done.

I could honestly go on forever with fantastic Jailbreak apps and tweeks.

Lockinfo for making your lockscreen more than wallpaper and time.

Winterboard allow you to theme your phone to allow things like this.

LiveClock that animates the Clock app on the homescreen, Weathericon that puts live weather infomation on the Weather app and thousands more tweaks and apps.

If this has not convinced you to at least try out jailbreaking your device than perhaps you don’t use your device as much as I do. Go ahead and try it, if you don’t like it you just have to restore your phone back to normal and there is no trace of the jailbreak ever again.

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Things Required:

Snow Leopard Install Disc
Windows 7 x64 (32 Bit WILL NOT WORK!)

1. Boot into the Snow Leopard installer. I used GigabyteOSX but I understand Empire EFI is pretty nice also.

2. Partition your Hard Drive in a GPT partition table. I only made 2 partitions, 1 HFS+ Journaled for OSX and another FAT for Windows.

3. Install Snow Leopard, I am pretty sure that is pretty self explanatory. Find a guide or method that works for you. Make sure you get Chameleon installed and working.

4. Reboot and boot from the Windows 7 DVD, install Windows 7.

5. After Windows 7 is installed, after your reboot, Windows will be the only OS bootable. To fix this:

– Open startmenu and in search type “cmd”
– type “diskpart”
– type “list disk”
– type “select disk X”, where X is the HDD number where Windows and OSX are installed
– type “list partition”
– type “select partition X”, where X is the number of EFI partition
– type “active”
– type “exit”
– reboot Windows

6. Now you should be able to get back into OSX. You may need to use your boot media again. Once in OSX reinstall Chameleon bootloader. Restart afterward to make sure it is working.

7. Insert your Windows 7 DVD and go to the “Repair my Computer” section, then select “Command Prompt”. Now, once cmd appears, type this command:
– type “diskpart”
– type “list disk”
– type “select disk X”, where X is the HDD number where Windows 7 and Snow Leopard are installed
– type “list partition”
– type “select partition X”, where X is the number of Windows 7 partition
– type “active”
– type “exit”
– reboot

8. Boot your Windows 7 DVD again, go into the “Repair my Computer” again, but instead it comes up with a “Repair and Restart” automatically. Select this and in a few moments it will reboot.

9. Now Windows 7 will boot again. Once you are into Windows 7 again do this steps:

– Open startmenu and in search type “cmd”
– type “diskpart”
– type “list disk”
– type “select disk X”, where X is the HDD number where Windows 7 and snow Leopard are installed
– type “list partition”
– type “select partition X”, where X is the number of the EFI partition.
– type “active”
– type “exit”
– reboot once again



(To boot Windows just hit down or F8 and select your drive.)

Notes: It sounds much harder than it actually is. It was hours and hours of trying to figure it out but now I got it figured out it takes about 10 minutes total, most of it waiting for shit to boot. This is MUCH easier than dealing with BCD or other bootloader crap. And, as a bonus should work with anything else you throw at it.

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