My hosting moved servers today so we had some minor downtime. Things might be a little slow for a bit, but everything should be better soon.

Also make sure you stock up on Cloves before you might not be able to get them anymore. If anyone wants to send some my way, send me a email and perhaps we can work something out.

Coming up later this week is a Top 10 list, some reviews and other special goodness.

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lappy 486

The time finally came. Djarum’s poor Lappy 486 died Wednesday night. Due to various circumstances he can not afford a replacement (being unemployed, poor, etc….)  So, if you enjoy my various ramblings and whatnot please be a saint and donate a couple of bucks so I can afford a MSI Wind.

If you donate above $25 USD I shall send you a special prize!  Yup, seriously!

Jesus Wind

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